The Opinion Graph
When confronted with decisions large and small, people seek to figure out whom they can trust for advice. Collective Judgment's goal is to capture the Opinion Graph, providing software-based guidance filtered for reliability. The Opinion Graph is not the wisdom of the crowd, but the key to unlocking the wisdom of individuals in the crowd.
We are developing web-based software solutions that combine prediction markets and machine learning based on big data to aggregate judgment better than either of these tools can perform alone.
Intellectual Property
Founder Michael Abramowicz has received U.S. Patent No. 7707062 for a "method and system of forecasting customer satisfaction with potential commercial transactions," and Collective Judgment is developing further technologies that incentivize private parties to make accurate judgments and that aggregate those judgments in a reliable way.
Collective Judgment is producing both web-based software tools that allow users to benefit from the Opinion Graph in a wide range of domains, as well as more specialized tools that focus on particular areas, such as Finance, Health, and Real Estate.
The Company
Collective Judgment LLC's founder, Michael Abramowicz, is a law professor at George Washington University Law School and an expert on mechanisms for aggregating popular judgment. Professor Abramowicz published Predictocracy with the Yale University Press in 2008, and his work has been published in the nation's leading law reviews, including the Yale Law Journal and the Harvard Law Review. Before he attended law school, Abramowicz contributed to the Inside Macintosh series of books on programming for Apple Computer, Inc.